When we started at Imagine Pediatric Therapies I had no idea what to expect. Having just spoken with my then 4 year old child’s pediatrician about some concerns with development, I was more at a loss than I had ever been before. That same day I called and set up our intake appointment with Imagine. The office staff were so professional and very welcoming. All my questions were answered without any judgement. Paula and Jennifer made me feel right at home and understood my concerns with finding the right pediatric therapy clinic. I was put at ease in my decision of choosing Imagine Pediatric Therapies as my child’s therapy provider. From day one Imagine has made us feel at home. The therapists and I communicated about everything that could be effecting him in both negative and positive ways. The therapists have been so amazing,  from the initial evaluations and going over their findings to going over changes in everyday life and coming up with care plans to help him achieve the highest success possible. Tabitha as well as all the amazing therapists and office staff have been a God send! At the lowest time in my parenting journey they showed me the beauty in all my child’s diagnosis. We have been coming to Imagine just over a year and a half. The progressive changes with my child are astounding. We are so far from where we started. It is all thanks to the Imagine staff. I’ve never met anyone like the office staff, therapists or scheduler like the ones at Imagine! Shelly the scheduler at Imagine works hard to get everyone all their therapies when changes in a therapists or a patients schedule arise due to a multitude of reasons. She is on the top of her game 24/7. She greets the children who come for therapy as if they were her own. Shelly and every Imagine Pediatric Therapy office staff and therapy team members have so much love in their heart for every child that walks through their clinic doors. If you are looking for a pediatric therapy clinic I highly recommend you come see for yourself what Imagine Pediatric Therapies is all about.

~Tempest Oxley, mother of Jordie


Thank you team Imagine, for unlocking the potential hidden inside my son. At birth, Ian was given a very poor prognosis due to a severe brain bleed. At 3 years old, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism. When doctors told us to get him as much early intervention as he could handle, we called Imagine. As you all know, at 6 years old my son is a walking, talking dynamo! Thanks to the help of the highly skilled, loving therapists at Imagine, my son is in a mainstream kindergarten and just rocked the charts on his latest standardized testing. The team at Imagine both respects my son’s individuality and constantly raises the bar to help him be all that he can be. I will be forever grateful for the services of the Imagine Pediatric Therapy clinic.                                  

~Kimberly Parker, Mom to Ian and advocate, Special Child NWA


Our daughter, Caroline-8 years old, who is autistic and has apraxia first received occupational therapy from Imagine when the center opened in 2007. We were so happy with her success(es), no matter how small, that we increased therapy to include speech and physical. All of her therapists are so enthusiastic and share in our joy and pride of how far she has come. Without the support and love from Imagine, I’m not sure where Caroline might be developmentally! Caroline enjoys going to therapy so much and my only regret is that I wish she could go more often as I believe she does too. She even tries to implement the tasks she learns in therapy at home. Thank you Imagine for all you do for our family!!       

~Jennifer and Larry, parents of Caroline


The abused and neglected children who come to Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter often have a variety of developmental delays and obstacles that require sometimes complex and intensive therapies in areas ranging from speech therapy … to physical therapy … to occupational therapy … to play therapy. The caring professionals at Imagine Pediatric Therapies can handle it all! And because of the nature of our kids’ needs and the urgency of timely intervention (the children usually are only with us for about 30 days), they regularly “work us in†without ever making us feel as if we are imposing on them or inconveniencing them in any way. Our kids look forward to spending time with their smiling and friendly staff. In fact, the children often have so much fun that they don’t want to leave when the appointment is over. In short, Imagine Pediatric Therapies plays a huge role in helping us give many of the children In our care hope for a better future.

~Kristina St. Sauver, Case Manager NWACS


Imagine Pediatric Therapies has been a lifesaver for us.  The therapists are fully invested in helping my child learn and develop.  Each therapist has a different therapy approach which helped us find which style my child responded the best to. The therapists are fantastic at communicating his progress, setbacks and advice on how we can help at home. Over the past 6 months, we can have seen him grow and develop and I am excited to see him continue his journey.  Not only are they invested in the children, they are so helpful to guide parents through their journey. They have helped me navigate insurance applications and difficult scheduling.   I am so thankful we found them and thankful for all they do for our family!
~Emily, mother of Miles