Enrollment process

Therapy services are based on medical necessity.  If you have concerns regarding your child’s development or feel they would benefit from our services, the first step is to discuss these concerns with your pediatrician and get a referral for an evaluation.  Once your pediatrician refers you for services, you can call and set up an appointment.  There is an enrollment packet that you can either  download from our website or pick up at our office to fill out prior to the evaluation.

Therapy services are traditionally paid for by your health insurance.  We will call and verify benefits prior to initiating treatment and discuss any financial concerns you may have with you at that time.

We accept most major insurance, ArKids, Medicaid, TEFRA and Private Pay.

 TEFRA – Contact: (870) 423-3351

              Medicaid offers reimbursement for gas used to transport a child to and from therapy appointments using a personal vehicle, or they can transport your child to therapy. Please call (855)548-4517 for eligibility. You will need your child’s medicaid number, your driver’s license number, your social security number, home address, telephone number, and the address of your appointment. Once your information is in their system, you can make a request 2 days before your appointment time.